Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time is Flying

I still cannot believe it is May, and its flying by! We've been super busy, Drew's winding up school, I'm busy with work, then we try and fit some packing in at night, and we're trying to get everything ready for closing, as well as schedule some updates to be done before we move in. Oh, and I'm also trying to look for a new job. That's not going so well, and with the expenses of closing, and moving adding up, I've had a few meltdowns, freaking out about money and making everything work. Unfortunately the job hunt is very time consuming and I've only had time to apply to about a dozen jobs. Each cover letter and application takes more time than I anticipate, so I just haven't done as much applying as I'd like. And then of course I've only even gotten two acknowledgements of my applications - which is not too encouraging. For now I'll keep applying and try not too freak out too much until we're into July. I'm hoping after we move I can devote more time to the job search in June. So not too much to report here.

This weekend we'll be mortgage owners, next weekend I'll be a dawkter's wife, and the following weekend we'll be residents of a new location.

And hopefully next month - I'll debut the new blog!