Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Next Chapter

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice regarding my blog and what exactly to do.

I am still leaning toward starting a new blog. The reason is because when I started my blog I figured it would only be read by close friends and family and therefore it is linked up with my personal email - so right now I can't really reply to everyone's wonderful comments. For that reason I really want to start a new blog and set it up properly so that I can respond to everyone's comments. My thought is that I would post a link on this site and those who want to follow me over to my new blog could.

I also have a title of a blog that I think I could take with me throughout and changes. But I thought I would again get your thoughts.... so my thought is to call my future blog:

Champagne and Bon Bons
The glamorous real life of an attorney and doctor's wife.

For those of you who are attorneys or married to medical students or doctor's wives you can understand that people often make assumptions regarding you life, one being that your rich, or that your life is cushy. And from what I hear, residency is anything but champagne and bon bons.

And also to address some of your comments about why my blog is currently married to a medical student, or why I would want my future title to include something about being married to a doctor. Its not because that is all I am. I know that I am more than a wife. Being married to someone in medicine, doesn't make me who I am, but it does say a lot about me. Being married to someone in medicine means being willing to sacrifice, and to put someone else's career before yours and supporting your spouse through some highs and lows of a long educational and training process. For us, it will mean 4 years of post graduation education and at least 7 years (if not 8 or 9) years of residency or training. Furthermore, my blog has been a way to meet other medical spouses and to try and be a resource for other med student spouses, just as many doctor's wives have been to me. I also want to continue that, and to try and shed a little light on what it is like being married to a medical spouse, and perhaps dispel some of the myths associated with being a "doctor's wife."
So what do you think?

Harder than I thought

I am still here, just very busy. But I figured I’d try and spend some time to post a quick update of what has occurred in the last month or so.

First, that housing I was talking about... well, we are hoping to purchase a place but I was nervous to actually say that until we got a little further along in the process. You never know what an inspection will show and we weren’t sure if we would be able to get the appropriate financing. But right now it looks like it just might happen! In about three weeks we should be mortgage holders!

So for us right now, I am job hunting (no luck yet). Drew is finishing up classes. We are looking to close in 3 weeks. We are also trying to order flooring/carpeting for our new place because the current stuff is about 25 years old and completely disgusting (I want new stuff installed before we move in). Graduation is in 4 weeks. And we plan to move in 5 weeks.

I am a little overwhelmed to say the least. And to be totally honest, this whole process is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I guess I figured this would be an easy transition considering we are moving somewhere I want to go. But I still find myself struggling some days to accept all the change coming our way. I think part of it is that I am overwhelmed about all that has to get done before now and moving day, and part of it is just because I don’t do well with change.
Now that I am finally comfortable with Springfield, have come to enjoy the area, and it has come to feel like home, I am being uprooted and transplanted somewhere else. It will be a new home, new neighborhood, new church, new bank, (hopefully) new job.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about starting the next step in our journey, but I still find myself struggling with letting go with our life here. Its so odd because this is the last thing I expected considering where we are headed. I had anticipating struggling if we were moving a location I did not want to go, but we are staying in the midwest, and going to a city I am excited about. I never expected there to be such a disconnect between my head and my heart. I'm almost upset with myself for struggling with it so much. It feels silly to be so sad at times.

I guess the best way to describe it is bittersweet, and right now it seems a lot more bitter than sweet... but I know that once we get there, and I adjust, it will be very sweet.

Monday, April 5, 2010


in a less than two months, my husband will be graduating medical school. And I will no longer be "married to a medical student." So I was hoping to get some feedback and advice. What should I do? Should I continue blogging? Should I stay with the current title? Should I start a new blog? Any advice? Any suggestions?
Unfortunately marriedtoaresident marriedtoamedicalresident, adoctorswife, thedoctorswife are all taken with blogspot... and the sad part is most of them are blogs that haven't been written on at all or haven't been written on in months. I have also pondered titles that don't have doctor or resident in the title. I'd like to continue blogging, both as a means to document our life and also to serve as a resource to other spouses of medical students and (in the future) residents. So . . . please tell me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Today we celebrated another wonderful holiday with our family. Easter Sunday is a particularly special day for me... not only because of what the holiday representes, but also because it was the day Drew proposed, four years ago. Here are a few photos from the day....

Ophie playing piano


With the family

There was a lot of delicious food, I ate entirely too much, but it was a much needed relaxing day with family (things just haven't slowed down since match day!)

Hoping all of you had fabulous weekends as well!