Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Loan Repayment During Residency

A long time ago I tried to write about residency repayment. Well since then I have learned a lot.

Here are two excellent posts about repayment in residency:

Financial Aid - Part II

Now that we are actually in repayment, I can also help explain or answer any questions you may have, but I figured I would just link to the post because it explains everything pretty well.

Also if you haven't made it over to my new blog, please check it out at:

champagneandbonbons.blogspot.com and you can still email me at: marriedtoamedicalstudent@gmail.com or now at champagneandbonbons@gmail.com regarding any questions on loan repayment, applying to residency or any other questions you may have!


Laura Parker said...

Thanks for writing! What a great blog! My hubby graduates med school this May, and I'm applying to law schools right now--so we have a lot in common! =)

Mommyhood Mayhem said...

We'd love it if you'd come read our brand NEW blog!


josh healy said...

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emily kate said...

I have been SCOURING the internet for a blog like this of someone who is actually going through this. My husband is a 3rd year med student. I'm a stay at home mom so we are living on our loans and I am just terrified about what happens during residency! I'm off to read your archives right now and gather up as much information as I can about the process. Thank you so much for this blog!


ranjan said...

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Ms. Code said...

I am sure you are supportive! Thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of your world through your eyes! See you around!

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