Sunday, July 19, 2009

The beginning of Test Season

I'm marking today as the start of "test season." Drew left for Chicago for the clinical skills portion of Step II. They only offer this part of the test in five locations all around the country. Fortunately, Chicago is one of those locations so that we don't have to pay for plane tickets or hotel rooms! He is actually taking the clinical skills portion on Tuesday - so if you think of it sometime before then please say a prayer for him. This portion of the exam is pass/fail. Drew should be back Tuesday night which will give him Wednesday to unwind and study for senior CCX which is both Friday and Saturday. Senior CCX is similar to the clinical skills portion of Step II, but it is for medical school. Then next Wednesday, Drew will take the written portion of Step II, this portion of the exam is a little more important because it isn't pass/fail and the score he receives will be looked at when he is applying to residency programs. So needless to say, with all these tests coming up, we'd greatly appreciate all your prayers!


JLee said...

Congrats on starting year 4! I'm going to be following your blog to take notes on what we need to do for next year ;) Also, I'm totally impressed by you and your career. Good luck and it sounds like you'll learn quickly and do just fine!

Mommy, Esq. said...

I recently found your blog...I'm an attorney too, and my husband is a resident. What a ride this is!
I just thought I would pass along one thing...fellowship programs will also look at the Step I and II scores. Knowledge is power ;-)