Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Year

The "Medical Year" begins every year on July 1st. People joke that you never want to get sick/hospitalized at the beginning of July - this is because July is when the medical graduates officially become residents, and the former residents become attendings... so lots of people are new at their jobs! This July 1st Drew finished the last of his third year exams and officially became a fourth year medical student! He is in his final year of medical school and we are in our final year of acquiring student debt! Woo hoo! Drew also got his "pin" (log-in and password) for applying to residency programs. This means that he can start putting together his applications even though they can't actually be submitted until September 1st. It is crazy to think that this is the beginning of the whole application process - from what I've heard this year is going to fly by! Only 254 days till "Match Day" and 319 days until graduation - but believe it or not, I'm in no rush... I'm happy right where we are.
So although it is a bit late,
Congrats to those of you in medicine (or those of you supportive spouses) for surviving another year of the very long training process - and Good luck in this new year!

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Adriana said...

LOL I would agree with the "stay away from the hospital" attitude for at least July. The learning curve is a steep one after med school and a lot of times I hear residents talk about have no clue what the heck they are doing/supposed to do. Thank goodness for seasoned nurses that help guide them at least in the beginning.