Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interview #5

I got to go along on interview #5. Although it fell on a Monday I went with so that I could help with the driving (it was during the week Drew had four interviews). We arrived on Sunday evening and checked into our beautiful hotel. This was the second (of only two) programs that paid for the hotel. And just like the other program that paid for the hotel - they also provided a beautiful gift basket. It was filled with different popcorns and a nut mix.

The welcome note on the gift basket
After we checked in Sunday night we relaxed and went to bed. Monday morning Drew headed to the interview.
I spent the day working, relaxing and I even fit in a workout. Unfortunately it was a windy and rainy day so I didn't get time to explore the city.

The interviews ran a little late that day so they took the applicants directly to dinner. Which meant that I had to meet them there - so I wasn't able to get a picture of Drew and I together.

Dinner was at a crunchy tapas restaurant, (I was a little over dressed). When I got there I ordered a "diet" and was informed that they do not carry corporate products. I was a little embarrassed, but got an iced tea instead. I was a little relieved when on of the residents leaned over and asked "what kind of place doesn't have pepsi or coke?" The rest of the dinner went really well and was very relaxed.
The program would have paid for a second hotel night but unfortunately we had to hit the road after dinner so that we could make it back to Springfield for Drew's early morning train and my trial.

Hotel: $0
Transportation (gas): $70.00
Total: $70.00


Ams said...

So exciting...
I can't wait to hear how this all pans out!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I'm just stuck on the fact that the fancy restaurant didn't have coke. Doesn't carry "corporate products" - pretentious, much? I hope the food was good, though.

MW said...

Yeah, I also wouldn't worry about the ordering of a diet thing. Granted, NYC can be kind of corporate, but I can't recall any restaurant that doesn't carry name brand soda.
This includes upscale French restaurants and earthy vegan restaurants. I'm pretty sure I even drank coke at this Ethiopian restaurant I went to once...

So yeah, I agree with the resident!

satishsoli said...
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