Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three for three

Drew got accepted to his third Sub-I rotation! We are very excited! Although I know it is going to be ridiculously time consuming and labor intense for Drew to do three straight months (well technically 12 out of 13 straight weeks) of away rotations, it will be a great opportunity for him. He will get some great experience and hopefully get a taste of what his next 6-8 years will be like. It will also give him the opportunity to make a good impression at these institutions and possibly make a name/reputation for himself.
I am a bit worried about the crazy long hours that he will be subjected to, but I also know that it is silly to worry because this is only for twelve weeks... and realistically he will have long and intense hours for many years to come. So he might as well get used to it now because he will have to adjust sooner or later! After all he wants to be a surgeon, and along with that comes a rigorous work schedule and long hours.
So tonight I am praising God for another piece of good news - and also praying that the next 10 months are filled with more answered prayers!


Bea said...

Congrats! That is great news. Even though it'll be tough while he's away, I'm sure it'll fly by and I know they'll be really great for match purposes.

Kathi Browne said...

Congratulations to your family. Keep the passion burning and remember why you married. If you haven't already checked out this week's Survivor Saturdays, do. It's quite appropriate for your near future.

writing4612 said...

Yes, my doctor is an orthopaedic surgeon and works nonstop. He even had to cut his Christmas vacation short because of an emergency in the tramua unit.

Good Luck!