Monday, June 1, 2009

It feels like yesterday

But its been two years of married bliss... I love being married to Drew. And my wedding was probably the happiest day of my life (so far) and being that I love pictures I am going to take this opportunity to share a few from our special day - June 2, 2007.
My handsome groom getting ready

My wonderful parents, I couldn't be more blessed!

A few of my favorite girls

And a few more of my best girls

Seeing each other for the first time

Outside the church (it was a beautiful day with just a single rain storm in the morning)

Julia and Jillian

The ceremony

Bridal party exiting
Leaving the church as a married couple

Happily Ever After

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Bea said...

Happy anniversary! What a gorgeous wedding (and couple). I love the picture in the garden and the one with bubbles.