Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Away Rotation #1

Drew left on Sunday for his first away rotation (which started Monday).
(Drew boarding the train)
With the expectation of having high expenses for residency applications (fees, plane tickets, gas, hotel rooms, etc.) we are trying to save money wherever we can. For Drew's first two away rotations he is able to stay with his sister - this is obviously saving us quite a bit of money. I spoke with another MS4 wife whose husband just finished up an away rotation at this program to try and get an idea about this first rotation. She said that her hubby pretty much was at the hospital all the time and therefore ate three meals there most days. Being the penny pincher that I am I thought it would be a good idea to send Drew with a whole bunch of easy meals and pre-packaged snacks. We purchased canned ravioli, mac n cheese, and individually wrapped snacks like power bars, cracker, chips, pop tarts and breakfast bars. Although I am sure he will still eat at the hospital a lot I hope he won't have to use the vending machines and can minimize his meals at the hospital - but who knows I might be being totally unrealistic.
Tomorrow I'll update on how on how Day 1 went...


joz1234 said...

Away rotations are hard. I packed my hubby with lots of stuff for food when he was gone this past year. They put him up in a hotel since it was a requirement in our residency program. At first they put him up in a hotel for a month without even having a fridge in the room (ridiculous). He found out he could switch the room, and found a better deal. He was the first resident in our program to go, so he was the guinea pig.

We used webcams a lot to communicate and let him see the boys.

It goes fast. :D

C. said...

Hey, I hope you're doing okay so far this week! Time will fly :)