Friday, December 19, 2008


Drew is officially done and on break.... and of course he is excited and filled with energy - I however, am exhausted! Between recovering from being sick, and trying to finish up Christmas crafts and everything that has to be done before Tuesday, I am just plain tired. Drew has headed off to spend time with friends, but I stayed home and will be in bed or laying on the couch shortly.

I am super excited to go to Florida next week - but along with that comes the pressure of getting everything done before then! For some reason this week all my quiet cases have had stuff come in so I am suddenly swamped... and with taking vacation, everything has to be done by Tuesday. I have several motions, and an appellate brief that has to get done. In order to make sure I am going to head in to work tomorrow and possibly Sunday as well... but all this hard work will make my vacation will be all the more worthwhile. And I must be grateful that there is plenty of work to do, for that means I have a job!

Below is a picture of the jars of fudge I made for the partners at the firm. (One of my Christmas crafts I was trying to get done this week) - Thanks, Aunt Missy for your famous recipe!

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