Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lots of snow...

at least for the city of Springfield! We got several inches of snow today, and of course although it ended in the early afternoon by 5:30 the roads were hardly plowed. Our apartment parking lot was clearer than the roads. I don't expect them to get every road but I take 6th street home and that is the main road running south through town- I would have thought they could have at least plowed one of the four lanes of that major road. And unfortunately although the snow has stopped, a slow drizzle has started... which means ICE tomorrow... and surprise... Springfield is not very good at salting either! Although the good thing is that the snow doesn't usually last here.

We are still waiting to hear Drew's test results from surgery. Last week Drew met with Dr. Espinoza (I probably spelled that wrong), the neurosurgeon Drew shadowed. Dr. E answered some of Drew's questions and he told him about Peoria's neurosurgery residency program. Although I am not particularly (at all) interested in Peoria I found it interested that the program sticks to the law that limits residents to working no more than an average of 80 hours a week over a 4 week period. Dr. E said that in his 13 years at SIU only ONE student has gone into neurosurgery! Next month Drew is going to meet with another Dr. from SIU to try and get contacts from other programs. We are hoping this research will give him a better idea of whether any of the programs interest him and more importantly whether neuro is what he wants to do.

P.S. I am feeling much better with the help of my z-pack!

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