Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mark your calendars!

well, not really...but I will definitely be doing so! We have the official dates for the two very important dates for the year of 2010. March 18, 2010 is "match day" and May 22, 2010 is Drew's graduation (also his Mom's b-day). I told him to tell her he is giving her the best gift she could ask for! To explain match day, it is the biggest day of all of medical school. That day is when you officially find out where you were matched for residency. Everyone gathers and announces their placement and the rest of the day is spent celebrating with other students, family and friends.

With surgery over, Drew began his two weeks of "doctoring" yesterday. While Drew complains and finds this program pointless and boring, I actually think it has some value. My understanding is that the purpose is to educate and encourage medical students to develop and improve their bedside manner. For example yesterday they talked about listening to patient's stories and "feelings." Drew is not a fan of these sessions because he claims they make them talk about their feelings. I try to explain to him that while he may have people skills, that is not necessarily the case with other medical students. Personally I give the medical school props for at least trying to discuss and raise the issue with students.

Also as part of getting important dates for the upcoming year or two they gave Drew a timeline for applying for residency programs. There are a number of steps that he will have to take this spring and summer but he won't officially sumbit his applications until August through September. They also gave Drew some resources to look at in choosing his specialty. And of course me the over-eager planning wife has already spent time on various websites. I was very excited to find that RUSH's neurosurgery programs is only SIX years! Which was somewhat exciting because U of C's program is 8 and all the others are seven... but I will admit I am getting waaaaaay ahead of myself (and more importantly Drew) because he hasn't narrowed down his specialty yet, let alone a location or protection. But it was somewhat encouraging! Just to recap, the short list of specializations are: orthopedic surgery (6 year residency program), neurosurgery (6-8 year residency programs), and cardio thoracic surgery (7-8 year programs).

Below is a photo from Katie and Jeremy Huss' wedding - it was a beautiful event!

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