Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby fever

This weekend was another baby shower, this time for one of my best friends from elementary school (who also happens to be married to one of my best friends from college - I introduced them). Me and one of her other best friends and her mother hosted the shower, but living so far away I felt like I wasn't able to help much with the planning... so I demanded that I be in charge of making desserts. With the help of my Mom we were able to make quite the dessert spread. I think my favorite were the chocolate covered strawberries...
The decor was beautiful (but I can take no credit for it)

I made the usual baby shower pacifier candies....

And I had a lot of fun making this diaper cake (it was the first one I've made but I may make a how-to post next time I make one)

And my friend got lots of presents - she is all ready - all she needs now is little Olivia!
While I was at the shower Drew was at an informational meeting about Northwestern's residency program - I'll try and about that post tomorrow.

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