Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relaxing, productive weekend

This weekend was totally unusual in the fact that I had nothing scheduled. Nothing. Drew was out of town for a bachelor party (which he planned), and although I missed him I must say it was a quiet and relaxing weekend. I was able to get a lot of stuff done. A lot of stuff that I have simply neglected the past several months due to the busyness of our travel schedule.
I am embarrassed to admit but my desk has become one enormous pile. It is a rather big desk but you can not see the surface of it at all. It is at least six inches high filled with mail, papers, envelopes, bills, cards, coupons, gift certificates, notes, and anything else you can think of. While I was not able to accomplish the task of cleaning of my desk I was able to put a dent in it by starting to sort through some of the papers. I still have to sort through the rest and file all the important stuff, but at least I have the task started. I also got laundry done, dishes, read magazines, clipped coupons, took two long bike rides, laid out in the sun and did lots of bargain shopping.
Speaking of bargain shopping it has recently become kind of a game or challenge to me. I like to see how cheap I can get my grocery bill to be. I like to see how much I can get for as little as possible. I clip coupons from local mailers, and allyou magazine, follow Consumer Queen, read the local online ads and try to match up all the deals. Personally when I shop at Meijer or County Market I only buy the sale items or items that I cannot find at Wal-mart (and milk and salad because oddly enough they are cheaper there). But for all my odds and ends (or things that aren't on sale at the other two stores) I shop at Wal-Mart. I also tend to stock up on our favorite non-parishable items when they are on sale. This weekend I was particularly proud of my coupon use... I got a $35.00 item at Bed Bath and Beyond for $1.49. Then at Old Navy I got dress pants, a sweater, a yoga top, a tank top, a t-shirt, shorts for Drew, two baby onsies, and a baby sweater all for under $40.00! Even though I work, we still take out loans for Drew's school so I work very hard to pinch pennies.
Although I wouldn't want to spend all of my weekends like this (alone and without plans) it was a nice treat to be able to relax, and catch-up on things around here.

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