Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

So surprise, it was another very busy weekend of traveling! Friday we made the trip back to my parents place in Crystal Lake. With the holiday traffic and cops running radar everywhere we went the speed limit and made it back in four hours. Thank goodness we left in the afternoon because the ride was long. We got there in time to take a bike ride around the lake and then have dinner with my parents.
Saturday we had an early lunch with my J-Pops, it was great to see them. The kids were pretty quiet but it was still good to see their smiling faces. It was also particularly wonderful to see Jilly-bean (see prayer requests) doing so well. The little angel suffers from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. And while she is a little fighter and does her best to keep up with the other kids, sometimes the disease still drags her down. One of the most noticeable symptoms are her swollen knees and joints. Due to a modification in her meds little Jilly's joints were noticeably smaller - it was wonderful to see such a visible difference; just a little miracle in her progress. I can only hope that continued to prayers will allow her to one day grow out of her JRA.
Saturday evening we headed to Lake Zurich for my law school friend's wedding. It was beautiful, Pam was a stunning bride, I got to see Celia and Joe, and Drew and I did quite a bit of drinking and dancing. It was a pretty fun group considering we crammed twenty people in hotel's van by piling in and sitting on laps. (The newlyweds below).
Sunday morning Drew and I headed back to CL so that I could head to St. Charles for my cousin's baby shower. She is expecting little Connor Jacob in July. I had lots of fun holding and playing with my all of my cousin's little babies. (Below is Jacob)
Then once again Sunday morning Drew and I got in car to take my Mom to airport and then headed to Marseilles to spend the day with Drew's parents. After lunch we took his Grandma home by driving through Streator and also stopping at his Grandpa's grave (he was a WWII veteran) on the way. Then finally, we made it home to Springfield last night.
Although busy it was definitely a great weekend. And even though I don't enjoy all the traveling and driving I am still very thankful that we have so many wonderful people in our lives.

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