Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Often times our lives our filled with stress and blow after blow of bad news. I don't even want to reflect on it - other than to say that you can never get enough good news. And I love hearing other people's good news. Whether it be every day victories or lifetime changes like an engagement, marriage or new baby, I just can never get too much good news. Even if it is news about a complete stranger, it still brings joy to know that there are everyday miracles in life. So I just wanted to share a piece of someone else's good news, because I know it made my day. A high school friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumor (and has already endured treatment)went in for a follow-up MRI today and the doctor found no new growth! I just figure it doesn't get much better than that. So praise God!
I know there are many who keep us in their prayers (and they've been pretty powerful thus far) so please let me know if you (or anyone in your life) needs any prayers. God Bless and Goodnight!

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Adriana said...

That is really great news. You are right...even if it's not your news..good news still feels great.