Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stay away from Worldwide Knives (

My brother-in-law purchased a knife through this company on September 2, 2009. After giving them the run around for nearly two months my sister and her husband asked for my help. We tried to file a complaint with paypal but because the transaction was over 45 days old paypal cannot help (which I believe they intentionally kept telling my brother-in -law that 1) the knife was out of stock 2) it was in the mail 3) a refund was in the mail, to delay, delay, delay).
This was the EXACT response my brother-in-law got in his email today:

"You can see that Pay Pal has no time for your whiney little problems like I said I will give it one more week and then I will send you Priority Mail hope your home to sign for it or your loss. You may read the attached letter from Pay Pal this is between us. " (- Chris Glickman of

WHINEY - Yes he really just called my brother-in-law whiney for not receiving his product (or a refund) in which he ordered on September 2, 2009. Note that it is October 25, 2009. Do you think that is whiney?
I think it is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OR A SCAM! Stay away from this company and its RUDE RUDE employee or owner Chris Glickman.

EDITED TO ADD September 2010 - please do not mistake with I have no reason to believe is anything but reputable. So just stay away from .NET!


Ams said...

Ohhhh I would be some kinda angry!!

Mrs. D said...

Wow - just... wow.

That is awful.

Phil Maher said...


You have us, confused with, we don't accept paypal and are just an affiliate of, so if you would of ordered with us, you would have gotten the security of amazon.