Monday, November 16, 2009

Interview #3

(I don't have pictures for #2 - they are on Drew's Camera)
We stayed at a nice hotel. It wasn't it the most scenic area but it was one of the better priced hotels. Other hotels in the city were closer to $130+!

And not to forget the retro chair....

Below is a picture of Drew dressed for dinner with the residents.

I didn't attend the dinner, but instead met up with the a wife of a local resident that I have been in contact with.

Below is an early morning picture of Drew before the interview... I need to learn to put more lights on, because otherwise I end up with these pictures with his eyes half open!

Hotel: $110.17
Transportation (gas): $35.00
Total: 145.17


Ams said...

How did the interview go?!
So exciting... three interviews down... quite a few to go ;)

LittleMissDreamer said...

do i see another gift bag? John has been on 6 interviews and has yet to get a gift bag. Your programs must be high-class.haha