Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baby Fever

Nope, not me. My husband, is the one who has baby fever. With quite a few of our closest friends and family having babies, Drew and I figured we would be able to get our baby fix to hold us off for several years . . . turns out all the cuties are giving Drew baby fever.
Spending the past few weekends with our nephew Gaston have not helped much.
Below are a few videos and photos of the little chicken (his nickname is poulet, which is french for chicken - his Daddy is French so the little guy is speaking both French and English)

Wearing the hat he made with his Papa (Daddy) at playgroup.

Playing and talking in the tub

Outside on a beautiful fall/winter day

Playing "drums" on the stairs with Uncle Drew

Eating pancakes with Ta-ta (Auntie) Marissa and Ta-ta Pancakes (AuntieTiffany).

Oh, we miss the little stinker already!


Ams said...

Ohhhhhh a baby! What a great idea ;)
That's too cute that the hubby is the one with the baby fever... soon enough right?!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That's great that they're teaching him both English and French - we want to do the same with ours when the times comes.