Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last week

So here is a glimpse of how the last week and a half went (and you will understand why I was so overwhelmed).
Two Thursdays ago Drew flew out of state for an interview, on Friday he interviewed, that night while I tried to clean our apartment he flew back home and we had wonderful company arrive that night. The Vickers stayed Friday through Sunday. Fifteen minutes after they left we hit the road for another state, on the way we stopped for dinner at the Keibler's house and then got back on the road to continue the rest of the drive. We arrived Sunday night, checked into our hotel and Drew had his interview Monday. (I relaxed, worked out and worked from the hotel during the day - lucky me!) Then we had a late dinner with the residents Monday night and hit the road around 11:00 p.m. to head back to Springfield. We got back home early Monday morning, slept a few hours, woke up, I dropped Drew off at the train station and headed to court for trial. While I was busy at work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Drew was going to dinners/receptions and two interviews. Thursday night I packed up. Drew had Friday off (thank goodness). Friday morning I had to drive 3 hours for a court appearance (an hour and a half each way), then I stopped at home, loaded up the car and hit the road to pick up Drew (and have dinner with friends) and head on to another state for a weekend interview. Luckily we were able to relax Saturday with family. On Saturday night Drew and I attended dinner withe the residents and on Sunday he interviewed. After having dinner with family on Sunday night we hit the road and made it home.
And to clarify, I'm not complaining because we are blessed to have these interviews, and I am thankful that I can be so active in the process. But I did want to explain why I have been somewhat missing-in-action. (Hopefully I'll have time to update about the actual interviews over Thanksgiving weekend?)


Ams said...

Oh my goodness, that is insanity!!!
You HAVE been busy. I hope you can enjoy your wonderful Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for this year. 114 more days!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That's an insane schedule! I'm glad you got thru it. You know that it's better to have something to do than not though. :)