Thursday, November 19, 2009


So we got an email today, notifying us that a program had added an additional interview date and that they were pleased to offer Drew an invitation to interview. I then went to look at our list of rejections and realized that we had already received a rejection email from this program. I suppose they didn't have a wait list (because otherwise I imagine Drew would have been on it). Anyways, I thought it was totally odd. But whatever - regardless of how we get an interview, we'll take it!


Ams said...

Take 'em where you can get 'em!!
Strange, but whatever right!?

JumpingJane said...

That is odd. J got an acceptance to a school that by the time he got his acceptance, all the dates were filled up, and in another one where by the time he got accepted he had already made interviews on the days they had with other places. Luckily the second one ended up adding an extra date and he got to go. The weird thing was, when he got there, it was like they weren't really organized for it. They had about three people who they couldn't fit in to the regular dates so they just threw in another date.

But, short comment turned long, I hope this un-rejection is a great opportunity for you both. :)

MW said...

haha - I've heard of that happening before. Better an un-rejection than an un-offer! (We had one of those yesterday...)