Sunday, January 4, 2009

From Florida

Florida was wonderful - but I am now paying the price for all the rich and unhealthy eating we did... my stomach has been bothering me since the summer, but it has been relatively under control the last 4 weeks - until the last few days. It is supposedly gastritus (excess acid in the stomach) which has been tamed by taking over the counter acid reducers every day for the last 2 months... but I think eating a combination of rich, and occassionally greasy and spicy foods, with soda, coffee and fresh fruit has brought back my nausea. I will now return to refraining from diet pepsi and coffee (two of my favorite things) and hopefully with some pepto and bland food I will be back to normal in a few days....

I really should not complain though - ironically enough my Mom is suffering from something similar - but worse, perhaps an ulcer (or the start of one). I am very proud of her though, she has given up coffee and her diet coke - two of her staples which often get her through the morning and throughout the day. So much so that she doesn't really drink anything else! Which were also probably the triggers. My mom is sheduled for surgery this week (January 8) - she has a torn minuscus, which she injured just before Christmas. While in Florida she struggled with having to sit still - she is such an active woman that it is torture for her to sit still and not be constantly doing something. Thank goodness her surgery is arthriscopic, so they expect her recovery to be relatively quick - the main thing is that she cannot play tennis for 6-8 weeks. If you have a moment this week please pray for a smooth and successful surgery and recovery.

Florida was absolutely wonderful, but it was somewhat exhausting driving. I am used to being in Florida for 7-10 days, so it was somewhat disappointing that we were only there for 5 days and (in the car traveling to and from for 4). I know I shouldn't complain (afterall I was in Florida) but I currently have a glass half full attitude, and am struggling with it. While in Florida I got to see my friend Jay who came in town for 2 days - he lives in Florida but I hadn't seen him in years, and Drew and he had never met, so it was really nice to see him and catch up. We also got to see my Uncle Randy and Don's new home - which stupidly I forgot to take pictures of, but it is beautiful! As mentioned above we went to some wonderful restaurants every night - we never had a bad meal.

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