Friday, January 23, 2009

I've officially started the countdown!

Only 419 days until match day and 484 days until Drew graduates! In the meantime, we have lots of other great things to enjoy! For example lots of the people in our lives are being blessed with babies! My cousin Megan just gave birth to baby Charlie. In early march the Keiblers are expecting Cammie. Then Drew's cousin Steph is due in May but due to her diabetes she will most likely have her little girl April. Then his other cousin is due in May. My friend from work, Shannon is due in early May as well. The Craigens are expecting a baby girl in June. And finally my cousin Erin is expecting in July. Babies everywhere! Drew and I are so excited for everyone and it is particularly nice for us because we won't be having any for quite a few years - so we figure we are lucky that there will be plenty of to borrow/babysit and love!

On the neighbor front - I had a meltdown earlier this week because even though Drew went and asked them to quiet down, their "quieting down" was still too loud for anyone with a pulse to sleep through. So Drew spent one day moving the office into the bedroom and vice versa. Then go figure... the last few days the loud girlfriend appears to be gone? Maybe he kicked her out for good this time? Well either way we have already moved our furniture and its just gonna stay that way now.

Today was a busy day at work - I was preparing for my first pretrial hearing. But it looks like based on the judge's comments today (in our favor) there may be a chance of settling afterall. Until now the defendants have been unwilling to make any efforts to settle.

Drew and I are looking forward to this weekend. We are heading to Davenport Iowa to the Keiblers (Abbie and Conrad) to spend time with them and the Weachters (Jessie and Todd). I am soooo excited to see Abbie's rather large belly. The tiny little thing is normally teeny tiny so with that big ol' belly on her little frame she litterally looks like there is a basketball under her shirt! We are leaving early tomorrow morning - so I am off to get packing!

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