Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A year already?

Drew has just informed that we moved to Springfield a year ago today! Part of me can hardly believe it has been that long, but another part of me has gotten so comfortable here that I can believe it.

So far have been pretty lucky with neighbors and apartment living - until recently... our steady snoring, but quiet neighbor with whom we share a kitchen and bedroom wall with appears to have moved out. This came to our attention when we were abruptly woken up last week at 1a.m. And although I am a rather deep sleeper - the coffee grinder does not wake me up - I was awakened to our new neighbors. Drew and I headed to the couch for two hours until it was finally safe to return to bed. Unfortunately, we had a reoccurrance Sunday night. While I would normally handle this situation with writing a little note for our neighbors informing them that their evening activities are keeping us awake, this is not an option.... we realized that our new neighbor is actually someone Drew knows from home, an old boss actually and they apparently moved apartments within the building. So although I cannot bear the embarrassment of confronting them on this issue I also cannot bear to lose any additional sleep. I should also mention that when other people deprive me of my sleep it makes me a very grumpy person. As a result I am resorting to pulling out the aerobed, and this weekend we will be having a rearangment party in which Drew and I will attempt to move our office into the bedroom and the bedroom into the current office.

In other news Drew has been inquiring into "away rotations" or "sub-I's" - which are sub-internships or rotations which are performed at a hospital outside of Springfield. What we have learned so far is that they are usually 4 weeks in length and there is an application process in which you have to get accepted to participate.

Tomorrow I have my second oral argument in court. It is an administrative review case where our client was laid off (by the department of corrections) and the IL civil service commission ruled he was entitled to transfer to avoid layff. The state is contesting their ruling and therefore appealing the decision in circuit court. I have written one of these arguments before but we were the ones appealing. It will be nice to be on the other side where we just have to convince the judge that the correct decision was made and that he should affirm. As for work it is going really well, I am actually getting quite busy as I have a few hearings coming up in the next few months. Everything I have been working on is finally moving forward (beyond the silly formal stuff and onto to the real issues). I'm excited and looking forward to getting more experience in court and in the hearings.

Drew is managing to survive his psych rotation but not without a few complaints. Today he told me that there was just "too much talking." My interpretation of this is that unlike surgery where you put on gloves and use your hands to fix the problem, in psychiatriatry there is a lot of talking just to figure out the problem, followed by more talking to treat the problem. His days are short which is nice because he is able to help with dinner and dishes, but I think he would still rather have long days in surgery. As for me I am enjoying having him around a little more.

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