Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best News Ever!

(Or at least in a little while - in terms of Medical School news)... So I was obviously disturbed after my last post and was really struggling with the concept of making mortgage size-loan payments during Drew's residency while he will be on a moderate salary and we will be trying to afford little kiddos. So I kept searching online - and low and behold.... although they have eliminated the "residency deferment" there is still this fabulous thing called "residency forbearance" - The only difference is that the forbearance allows interest to accrue but you still don't have to pay! Po-tay-to, pa-tah-to, I don't care. I'm just ecstatic that there should be no requirement that we make payments on Drew's loans during residency. Thank you Lord. I cannot express what a relief this is. A huge burden has been removed. I truly was doing a little dance inside all day yesterday! Drew thought it was great but really wasn't as excited as I was because (surprise) he wasn't really worried about it anyway!

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