Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brief weekend update

Okay so hopefully this will come out in English? My first time around the website kept translating my words into Hindu. The weekend was pretty uneventful, but that was a good thing, a quiet weekend was needed. Drew and I both got a good workout in on Friday and then had a relaxing dinner followed by an evening on the couch. We called it an early night because we both had early mornings on Saturday. He had to head into the hospital and was on-call through Sunday morning. I got up early (for me on a Saturday morning) and headed to a 7:30 yoga class. Then I went into work for a few hours and had a lovely afternoon nap. I spent the evening cleaning up the apartment, running errands and crafting for Shannon's baby shower (I will post my crafty decor sometime next week or weekend). Today Drew and had a lazy day of church, more cleaning and dinner at Chili's. Oddly enough I ran into a friend of a friend from college at dinner (Flister) and he has been living in Springfield for the past few years getting his Phd.
Drew had a good weekend on call and got to see three c-sections and although there was a natural birth he pretty much missed it because it only took the woman one push! One push! Now that is how I want my labor to go too!
I got to catch up a little bit with my sister tonight and she told me about how my nephew Gaston is doing. He is 11 months old today but the little stinker isn't exactly sleeping through the night and he has NO teeth! But I guess in the last month he has just started scootching around. I say scootching around because he is too stubborn to crawl. Its not an army crawl because he is on his hands (not his elbows) but it is similar because he drags his legs in the back. Anyways my sister was telling me that they have had to baby proof the house and she sweeps and vacuums several times a day because he likes to eat every crumb or fuzzy on the floor. They had been worried about his fine motor skills but not any more - he manages to find and pick up the tiniest-most miniscule crumb or piece of dust and try and eat it. My favorite thing she told me is that he like to take off his socks and eat the the lint between his toes! They have to watch him closely because the little stinker will eat everything and anything he can find! Oh how I miss the little thing - and unfortunately I won't get to see him for another month. Luckily I will get to see my two other nephews this weekend! (Photo is Gaston at 9 and a half months).

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