Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was totally disoriented

this morning when the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. this morning. My first thought was where am I? My second thought was that it was my alarm. But then I was filled with (a guilty sense of) relief when I realized it was Drew's alarm and I still had plenty of time sleep in my warm cozy bed. It has been over two months since Drew has been on an early schedule. In December he had a 9-5 schedule for "doctoring" and the last six weeks of January and February he has had something similar with psychiatry. I have enjoyed these mornings with him. It has been wonderful to have him gently wake me up each morning, and kindly remind me that I cannot lay in bed all day. I tend to have time management issues so naturally I am slow to get out of bed. Most mornings I would call him by his pet name and ask him to come and snuggle me. He always sweetly obliged and crawled into bed with me. We shared some quiet chats before he would remind me that I had to get out of bed in order to get ready for work. Our time together in the mornings really made a great start to my day. Now that he is back to early mornings I realize how much I really enjoyed these extra moments with him each day. Although I am sure he enjoyed spending time with me, I know he is not disappointed to be getting up early. In fact last night he was excited, yes excited, that he would be back to early mornings. I suppose it is a good thing that he likes to rise early. I guess that's the surgeon in him.

Today Drew started his first three weeks of obstetrics for his ob-gyn clerkship rotation. Unfortunately, I don't have much to share because today was pretty uneventful. The patient he was assigned did not give birth during the day and another student is on-call for the evening. Hopefully this week will be more eventful with tales of new life and little blessings.


Kim said...

Hi! That is fine if you follow my blog! It is always fun to read about other people going through similar experiences. Good luck and I'm jealous that you are one year ahead of us!

Katrina the Medical Student's better Half! said...

I am going to have to agree with Kim that I am jealous that you are one year ahead of us too! About your comment on my blog...I am ADDICTED to loose tea. I do not do tea bags anymore unless I made them myself. I always enjoy that morning snuggle time with my husband too!

Leslie Hutchins said...

Melissa, I don't mind you following my blog. Depending on what rotations I am on I post more than others. I was in Drew's position only two years ago, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Best of luck.