Friday, February 20, 2009

I got reemed out today...

thank goodness it wasn't by anyone in my firm. So I got a call today and I didn't recognize the name but the conversation went something like this:
(We'll call the person Attorney Guy)
M: This is Marissa
AG: I'm calling about the objection to our motion for extension of time on the Smith brief
M: Yes
AG: I want to know why in your motion you made the statement that the government asks for multiple extension of time. I do appellate work an it is common practice to ask for extensions of time. Everyone asks for extensions of time.
M: Well that is just how we drafted our motion. Our firm does a lot of work with the government and it has been our experience that they ask for multiple extensions of time and we don't want to be dealing with five or six extensions of time.
AG: Well I am in appellate work and that is not the practice, no one in our office does that. You obviously know nothing about appellate work! What - you have only been an attorney a year?
M: Well I am sorry you feel that way, is there something I can actually help you with?
AG: Yes, yes there is! Do you have your motion in front of you?
M: No I do not.
AG: Well in your brief you state "In appellant's affidavit..." It should be appellee, YOU are the appellant. And it also refers to our reply brief. Don't you know that YOU file the reply brief?
M: I'm sorry that must have been a typo.
AG: No, a typo is when you hit the wrong key. You wrote the wrong thing. You obviously know nothing about appellate work. Ms. First Year Attorney! (At which point he hung up)

Needless to say I ticked the guy off! The stupid thing was it was a motion for an extension of time - I don't even understand why the guy is so freakin' upset? I didn't even say that he shouldn't get an extension of time, I simply stated that if the extension is granted it should be the only extension. And as far as the comment about the government asking for multiple extensions that is part of our standard response. And the fact that he is sooo ticked off proves the point that he was planning on asking for at least a second extension of time. The other funny thing is that if he is really so busy that he needs multiple extensions of time - why is he waisting his time looking up information about me in order to find out that I had only been practicing law a year? I doubt he would have had the balls to yell at someone his own age. But I have to laugh that little ol' me was able to make a grown man so angry without even trying! What a silly little man!

As far as my medical student - he had a more eventful day yesterday. He got to help with a delivery. With some instruction, he got to be the one who caught the newborn baby! I guess the Mother was very calm and did very well through the whole labor and delivery. Drew said it was a very neat experience - but he made the point to say he is very glad he is a man. Then today he got to circumcise a new baby boy. Drew said he felt bad doing it, but that surprisingly the baby wasn't that bothered by it. I asked lots of questions about both experiences, but I will spare you all the details because I don't want to gross anyone out!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Celia said...

Ha good for you! What an idiot. I can just see him steaming with a bright red face!