Sunday, February 15, 2009

For your amusement . . .

Part of my Valentine's day gift was that Drew shaved his beard (early). He was planning on keeping it through March. And although he can pull it off I much prefer his cleanly shaven face to his bearded face. The middle picture is his "supertrooper" stache.
Yesterday was a wonderful Valentines day. We exchanged gifts in the morning and then spent the afternoon and evening in Bloomington with Drew's parents and Grandma. Because we are on a budget Drew and I set a five dollar limit on Valentines day. Drew got a card, a very small box of chocolates, a few suckers and some skittles from me. He got me a singing card (he is a sucker for those - loves them) and then filled my card with various coupons - breakfast in bed, backrub, my favorite dinner, etc - all of which I think are much better than any box of chocolates! I was quite impressed with his creativity.

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Celia said...

Hahaha! Joe has been growing a nasty "molestache" for a few weeks and part of my V-Day was also that he shaved it! That is sooo funny.