Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Saturday morning Drew completed his second half-marathon; the annual Lincoln Memorial half-marathon.
And being the super-wife that I am I sacrificed sleeping in and woke up to cheer him on at the end of the race. He did very well, and met his goal of averaging seven-and-a-half minute miles. A few of Drew's med-school friends competed as well.
There were over 900 competitors, and after most of them finished the race they headed into this tent to fill up on lots of food and treats.
After celebrating Drew's successful race I headed into work for a few hours. Then late in the afternoon we took a trip to the bicycle store.... last summer Drew and I had looked for bicycles but we couldn't find anything in the budget. (I had an old bike at my parents house but we never brought it down to Springfield because I knew I wouldn't want to go without Drew). We looked to buy him a bike but we couldn't justify spending $100.
There were so many days last summer that I just so badly wanted to go on a bike ride - but we had no bikes. So when I heard the local bike shop was having a used bike sale I figured we'd give it a shot. When we got there we found that all used bikes were an additional $20 off.... so we ended up very excited to bring home this little gem....
for the budget price of $32 (after tax)! I cannot even tell you how excited I am to know that we will be able to go on bike rides this summer! I had no idea how much I enjoyed it until last year when we were not able to go.
Today was our first Sunday home in many, many weeks. It was wonderful! After church we were able to clean up around the apartment and I was able to get some cooking done (recipe for fruit pizza later this week). In addition to hi-jacking my blog, Drew also had time to work on two other sub-I applications. And now.... its time for a little relaxation. Hope you all had splendid weekends!

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Leidy said...

Awesome deal on a bike, hope you can take many bike rides this year!