Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful weekend

Last weekend we went back to my home town of Crystal Lake (we'll also be heading back there this weekend for one of my best friends from childhood's baby shower!) We went back for my neighbor (and friend's) wedding. Here are Drew and I dressed up and ready to go. The husband cleans up nicely - doesn't he?
The bride was beautiful, the food was fabulous (the cake was decadent) and Drew enjoyed an evening full of seven and sevens (he took full advantage of the open bar).
Below is a photo of my wonderful parents, my goofball of a sister and her husband.
Usually I am the one begging Drew to get out on the dance floor for every song. This Saturday however, he had his dancing pants on (or drinking shoes) and insisted we dance to nearly every song. Needless to say we had a fabulous night with neighbors and friends. Here is a photo of the very adorable newlyweds.

Sunday morning my parents made breakfast for my sister, her husband, Drew and I. We also spent the morning playing with Gaston. As you will notice he has a new haircut and looks quite different, but he is still ridiculously cute! The picture below truly captures just what a happy baby he is!

Here he is playing in the bathroom sink.

He is very much in the imitating stage. He shakes his head (no) and pretends to sneeze or blow his nose into kleenex when he sees anyone else do it. Oh the joy a child brings!

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