Sunday, April 19, 2009

Neuroradiology Clerkship

So I never really covered Drew's unit in neuroradiology. He spent two weeks in this elective rotation in which the credit will apply to his fourth year. Drew seemed to enjoy his rotation in neuroradioliogy but I don't think he could have handled more than two weeks of it. He described it to me as spending the day in a dark room looking at a computer screen and reading digital slides. I guess they just verbally dictate the results into a dictaphone that is transcribed later. He did have a little patient interaction, which involved procedures such as drawing spinal taps (which I believe he actually go to do/help with a few). Drew really struggled with having such little patient interaction, but I still think it was a very good experience for him. He learned a lot about reading different scans and it was a good test of his anatomy knowledge as well (the Resident he worked with quizzed him a lot).

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Kathi Browne said...

He's lucky to have you there during those "dark" internships. I still remember spending the night in the call room when my husband did his VA rotation. Worst rotation ever.

Hang in there. It gets soooo much better.