Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Call...

Drew and I both are on call tonight . . . my friend and coworker is getting close to her due date and her husband is not expected back from Afghanistan until Monday (he is in the military) so should she go into labor before then Drew and I have to be prepared to run her to the hospital. We think her precious baby boy dropped last night because her belly looks lower (its not the high up basketball anymore) and she was very uncomfortable all day because she could feel his head in her near her pelvis. This morning she woke up with contractions so we are thinking labor could be coming. Personally I am so excited but I hope for her sake her baby waits a few more days so that his Daddy can be there for the birth.
Speaking of babies Drew is now in his third week of his pediatrics rotation. His first three weeks are outpatient, and his next three weeks will be inpatient. This week he is actually on nursery, which personally I do not understand why its considered "outpatient" because the new babies are technically in the hospital?
I don't know about the rest of the country but it has been very rainy this week in central Illinois. We had rain all day Monday and Tuesday, which with the change in barometric pressure tends to cause women to go into labor. So the Drew has gotten to see lots of babies this week since the nursery has been filled!
This rain is another reason we think my friend may go into labor because although the rain subsided today it is forecasted for Thursday and Friday... So we'll be sleeping with our phone in our room tonight just in case we get paged...

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Leidy said...

I hope that the baby holds out a few days longer and wait for daddy!

My husband was 2 years into Neurosurgery in Cuba and then came to the US and had to do Step I & II etc... I am so glad we decided for him to do ID, I am always complaining that I dont have anytime with him but this past couple of days have just been ridiculous