Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Vacation: Part I

The week of Christmas we got news that my family needed to find a new caretaker for my Grandpa. He is a little forgetful, so the family prefers that he have someone stay with him to make sure he keeps his med straight as well as help around the house and with any errands. My dear Grandpa, that I dearly love, can at times, be a little ornery. He is stubborn German man, so in the past he has known to be a little difficult. My first thought was what did he do to offend his care taker? Well turns out my poor grandfather did nothing wrong, instead it was his caretaker. She was taking his money and making large purchases on his credit cards. While she was authorized to buy him groceries and gas, she wasn't authorized to buy herself airline tickets, electronics, jewelry or expensive purses! Needless to say she needed to go. It was like something you see on TV. Our family could hardly believe what happened. With the holidays it being the holidays, Drew and I offered to travel up and spend the night with my Grandpa on the 23rd (so he wouldn't be alone). So Wednesday evening we headed up there and stayed the night. We had a lovely breakfast of Dunkin Donuts with him before we hit the road to travel to Drew's Grandma's house to celebrate with his extended family.
We had a wonderful lunch with Drew's family and opened presents. Drew's cousin has two darling little girls and we enjoyed watching them open all their presents.

Although I think Stella like eating her presents more than anything else! Isn't she adorable!

Mmm! Feels good on those teething gums!
And big sister Ophelia got a lot of great presents too....
And Drew even helped her put her barbie together (If you ask me, I think he just wanted an excuse to play barbies!)

And then shortly thereafter we headed to my Uncle's house to celebrate Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family.... stay tuned for Part II....

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Mrs. D said...

How horrifying! It boggles my mind that some people can be so selfish, so capable of wrong doing. I hope your family is able to recover all the money that caretaker stole. Thank goodness her misdeeds were uncovered.