Monday, January 4, 2010

We're back

from our Christmas vacation, that is! It was one of the best and worst breaks/vacations all rolled into one. We spent the 23rd-26th with family and then came back to Springfield and left for Florida on the 27th. We were supposed to be back yesterday around noon (with plenty of time to get ready for the work/school week... but we just got back early this evening. Our travel journey is a tale in itself. We did have a wonderful time with our families but there were definitely a few hiccups and stresses along the way. And then of course there is the upcoming "match day" lingering over our heads, which seems to be giving me quite a bit of anxiety. Drew and I are hoping to get back into a routine, and I am hoping to find some coping mechanisms, so that I can handle the anxiety, because there is still a lot of time before match, and it is much too early to be so worried! Here's to hoping that the week will be better off than it started (with all our travel chaos)!


LittleMissDreamer said...

ahhh girl.. don't get me panicing yet!!! Hang in there... we can't start to panic at least until mid-February. haha.
Glad your holidays were good!

Ams said...

So glad you're back safe and sound!!!
Match day is going to be the end of us... we just have to stick in it together! We're going to be okay :)