Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

2010 has seem to gotten off to a negative start for me. It somewhat feels like there is a dark cloud looming over my head. In the past three weeks I feel like I've been repeatedly hit with family and friends receiving bad news or undergoing hard times.
When I find myself in being negative, jealous or simply in self pity, I find that the best cure is counting my blessings. So I thought I would revive Thankful Thursdays.

This Thursday, I am thankful for unexpected blessings. Today when I went to get my new side view mirror put on my car (see this post for an explanation) I was pleasantly surprised when the total cost came out to be $90.00 cheaper than we expected! So instead of paying $341, we only had to pay $251.00 for a brand new side view mirror! And secondly, when I looked at one of our accounts, (my Dad invested the wedding money we got in the stock market), I found out that in the last couple of months, it has gone UP! The amount that it has gone up should allow us to help pay moving expenses (truck rental, gas etc.) for if and when we move! Money has been so tight lately with financing Drew's interviews. They say God always provides, and he truly does. I am so thankful for both of these unexpected blessings that will allow me to worry a little bit less about finances (at least for a little while!)


Ams said...

Oh such a good idea!
I am thankful for healthy and happy children, and for an amazing man in my life. For finally finding love, or rather love finding me :)

So glad that the side mirror was cheaper than you thought. That's the best!! And nothing wrong with money going UP in the stock market :)

Ams said...

PS You should add a followers thingy to the side so I can follow you :) I don't know why you don't show up on my updates! BOO!