Thursday, January 21, 2010

Travel Troubles Part I

So I mentioned yesterday that we are taking a break from traveling. Or at least trying to. Well to be honest, part of that is because we have had quite the travel trouble in the past few weeks. And that may even be an understatement.

It all began on the day after Christmas. I wasn't feeling my best - as we had gone to the E.R. on Christmas day so that I could could get some antibiotics for my strep throat. We were heading from Drew's parents house back to Springfield, so that we could pack up and head out on vacation the next day. A few minutes into our drive we hit a patch of ice. Drew used his best driving skills to try an regain control of the car but we began to slide all over the place. Part of the problem was that we were on a road under construction. The left side of the road was barricaded off because of construction (the road dropped off drastically as they were preparing to put down new asphalt). And the right side of the road was a ditch.

I cannot recall the first part where we initially lost control, but I remember the back end of the car spinning forward as we nailed a construction barricade. And I am not talking the little barricades with the flashing lights, I am talking those large barricades. Like this:

Yeah. Next we bounced off the barricade and it spun us hood first into the ditch on the right side of the road. We weren't fully in the ditch as our back tires and trunk were still on the shoulder of the road. Fortunately, we were only about two miles from Drew's parent's house so he called his Dad to help push us out.

I was the lucky one who got to drive while they pushed. It was a bit frightening as I didn't have much room behind us (just the two lanes and then the construction), and the road was slick. I didn't want to accelerate (in reverse) too quickly (as I was afraid of spinning out of control, or running into the barricade again) but every time I took my foot off the accelerator the car fell forward toward my dear husband and father-in-law. Luckily after a few seconds, they had us pushed out of the ditch.

It could have been a lot worse. At least it was just a one car accident and we weren't harmed, just a little shaken up. Although I had planned to rest up during the ride home, I was took shaken up (and nervous) to sleep. We I counted a total of 10 cars in ditches on the ride home. After a long slow car ride, we eventually did make it home, safe and sound.

So I bet your wondering what the car looks like. I would have to say the barricade won.
It left some paint all along the side of the car;

It did a number on the passenger side of the car;

And it is incredibly embarrassing to drive it around.

Oh...and then the side view mirror.... Completely gone.

Classy. I know.

Yes, that is right, I am officially one of those people. One of those people you laugh at, and wonder what the brilliant person did to take off the mirror.
We had an estimate of the repair done. The good news is that the cost to replace the mirror is only $340; the bad news is that the cost to repair the mirror and the driver's side is $3,100. And the car has 142,000 miles on it, so we think the car insurance company will total the car if we make a claim. And the amount of money we would get wouldn't be enough to buy another car. So for now we are just going to have the mirror fixed, and possibly paint the car to prevent/minimize rust. And I will just continue to drive around like a hillbilly.

Stay tuned for Travel Troubles, Part II and III . . .


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you and your husband are okay! How scary!

C. said...

So sorry to hear that!

Startup Wife said...

OH wow, that sounds so terrifying. Thank God you guys are all right.

Clint Moore said...

Whoa, I got dizzy there. You have to be more careful when driving on wet roads, Marissa! But you don't have to hold back on your traveling plans just because of one accident. That would be a total bummer. Btw, good thing it didn't cost you that much to make the repairs. The mirror was surprisingly cheap!