Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can hardly believe we are almost half way through January! I feel like I am constantly saying, "I can't believe it's ______ already." I suppose I probably am. I figured it is about time I give a brief update on things going on in our life. And unfortunately I am too lazy to try and somehow incorporate these random facts into a cohesive post, so you are stuck with a bullet-point list for things I want to talk about.
  • Friday January 15th, Rank order lists open up, which means we can start to put together our official rank order list with the NRMP website. Another reminder that that match day is approaching.
  • Here is a good explanation on how the matching process works. (And how a candidate should rank programs).
  • Drew has completed 13 interviews.
  • Due to complications with school schedules we have had to cancel one interview this month and may have to cancel a second. He is currently in the process of totally rearranging his schedule so that he can keep a particular interview. His curriculum director is not very happy with him. But, unfortunately Drew didn't get to pick his interview dates and this whole interview process kind of effects the rest of his life. Kind of.
  • Drew has three more interviews scheduled, but he probably won't be able to take one of them because the curriculum director may just kill him if he does.
  • As a result of the above two mentioned bullet points, it looks like our rank order list will have 15 programs on it. Which is 3 shorter than we'd hoped for, but he has to graduate, so we'll just pray 15 is enough.
  • TODAY our last semester of student loans were distributed. This means that we are DONE acquiring student loans (just interest). Wooo hooo! Shh, I don't want to talk about paying them off, I just want to celebrate the fact that we won't be increasing the principal amount any more.)
  • We have recently had some terribly bad luck with travel (which I will elaborate on in the future).
  • And last but not least, 64 more days until Match Day!

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Jessica said...

Hey--just read this post--I'm certainly no expert on this, but from what I've heard, 15 programs is an excellent number! My husband told me that many of the residents he has talked to ranked 12-15... You guys will have to celebrate when he finishes--what an arduous process!!