Monday, February 1, 2010

My darling husband

(God Bless him) is a sucker.
Now to give you a little background, I am a cheap-o. Big time. My Mother raised me to be a thrifty penny pincher. I go to the local beauty school to get my hair done, I buy things used if at all possible, I clip coupons, shop sales, and buy almost everything in generic.

Now my darling Drew, on the other hand, he is a name-brand-whore. He loves Perry Ellis dress clothes;image from:

He loves his Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air;

image from:

His Mom used to buy him Nexxus shampoo (I now buy him the generic);

image from:

and he loves his Starbucks;

image from:

Just to name a few of his name brand loyalties.

So it has taken me many, many, months since we have been married to get the man to bring home generic items when I send him shopping. And for the most part he has gotten better and no longer buys the most expensive brand of whatever we need. . . Most of the time.

So today I send my darling husband out to grocery shop. And one of the items on the list was "shower cleaner." Ya know the stuff you use everyday after you shower so that you don't have to scrub down your shower so much? So, usually we buy the refill because 1) its cheaper and 2) it minimizes garbage/waste.

Today Drew comes home with this:

image from:

This is scrubbing bubbles newest shower cleaning product. Apparently our previous shower cleaner was inadequate, so we needed to upgrade. This little product was $9. Yes, nine American dollars! And why you ask is this shower cleaner so expensive? Because it has a "power sprayer" that provides a continuous stream of cleaner. (So that you just hold down the trigger/sprayer once and it continues to spray, kind of like aerosol spray).

Seriously? What is wrong with a regular spray bottle? Why did we need a different spray bottle? Does this mean that we are too lazy to push the sprayer or trigger more than once? Come on, how difficult is it to lift your finger and press the spray bottle trigger?

I think my husband was the victim of product branding and new product production. I think we just paid for a fancy spray bottle. Why he didn't just buy the scrubbing bubbles refill (since he determined our previous shower cleaner was inadequate) is unknown to me.

Although I tease, I am very grateful that my husband is willing to go grocery shopping when he can.

Drew, you know I love you honey!


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Wow, I totally know what you mean.

But if my Husband came home with that after doing the grocery shopping, I couldn't complain - because he would never go back again!

Jenn said...

Hahaaa.... We're so the same way. Sorry, but I really am laughing out loud because this rings so close to home. = )

JumpingJane said...

That is so funny. J is just the opposite. He will stand there agonizing which is the cheapest. He will even get on his Iphone to see if something is cheaper at the store down the street. I can't go shopping with him because it takes too long and I get fed up. Just pick something out and go! :)

Stephanie Hartman said...

OMg!That was nine dollars holy crap!!


Happy Dash said...

Haha! My husband is the exact opposite. I have certain things that I buy based on brand (most it doesn't matter), and he always manages to buy the generic for those items. I can't get over that bottle was $9 ... insane!

The Ellises said...

This post made me laugh so much! I am right there with you! Luckily, Brett also shares in my frugal-ness... sometimes I think that is worse to have both of us being cheapos.... especially because we can't commit to buying anything over a certain amount of money!

Startup Wife said...

Nine dollars??? Oh my goodness! I'm sorry, but that is overpriced.

I totally shop the same way you do ... mostly. There are a few brands my grandmother always insists on (Challenge butter, Philadelphia cream cheese) and when they're on sale, I stock up.

K said...

INsane. That would drive me nuts. I'd tell myself:

"On the bright side, it's a small price to pay for marital bliss. Besides, you can make up for it in one grocery trip with coupons from the Sunday paper/!"