Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend and unfortunately I didn't get much done around the apartment. Saturday morning I went to work and D went on his last long run before the half-marathon next weekend. By the time I got back from work in the afternoon I had to throw a cake in the oven and change - then we headed over to some friends house to "watch the game" even though I didn't watch any of the game. But I had a great time catching up with Drew's med school friends. When we got home shortly after 9 - we vegged on the couch and passed out! This morning we got up early for mass, and headed straight to Davenport.
We got to spend the afternoon with Abbie, Conrad and new (1-month-0ld) Campbell Grace!
She is beautiful and it was heaven holding her.
We did get home here tonight at six; but at that point I didn't get much done around here. And while I was a total dork and went to bed around 10 both Friday and Saturday, I am glad I did because I didn't get my usually weekend naps! With that being said I am going to get ready for bed and spend some quality quiet time with the husband before heading to bed.

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Leidy said...

Holding a newborn is the best!