Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Showers

Our Saturday was filled with some extensive spring cleaning. We were cleaning the apartment for Shannon's baby shower which was today. And when I say cleaning, I mean cleaning the gross stuff under the fridge cleaning. So I am proud to say our bathrooms, bedroom and kitchen are spotless. The only problem... is that our not so spotless. Everything that I couldn't find a home for.... went in there. And it was not too clean to begin with because I have a habit of putting all all my mail, coupons, filing, papers, etc. on top of my desk. So perhaps this week or next weekend the office will get taken care of. But for now I will enjoy how super clean the rest of our house is!
Although the shower was a lot smaller than I was expecting (small to begin with then one guest was sick, and two more cancelled last night) it was still nice. I made an egg cassarole, a french toast cassarole and then the two other hosts brought fruit, juice and delicious pecan rolls.

Not only did hosting force us to clean, I also had a fun time making and decorating for the event. Above are the candy pacifiers I made. Also on the tray are the personalized pacifiers I purchased for Kaiden Jeremy. The little blue hexagon shaped boxes below were filled with pastel M&M's for the guests to take home. (I hot glued little purple and blue flowers on top).

Below is the coffee tabled that I decorated with a table runner and ribbon. And at the very bottom is the tray of gifts I got for Shannon that was also used a shower game (the guests got a few minutes to look at them and then we took it away and they had to see how many of the 20 items they could remember).

Unfortunately the shower was pretty brief, partially due to the small number attending, and then partially due to the tornado that hit the east side of town. One of the guests had to run home because some of the siding had been blown off her house! Another thing to be grateful for- although I wish we had a home, I realize our apartment can be a blessing - we don't have to worry about expensive or unexpected maitenance!

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