Thursday, March 19, 2009

Match Day

On this Match day 2009 - and Thankful Thursday, I am thankful to be right where we are, and I am even more thankful to actually be happy right here, right now. On this journey the past few months I have found myself wishing it was two years from now (hoping we are closer to family) or 10 years from now (when Drew is hopefully out of residency) - but today I can say that I am happy and content just where we are. I am glad today is not our match day and I am glad that I can enjoy the next 364 days until it is our match day. I realize that in a little over a year while I may be closer to family, I may also be farther from family, and more importantly I will have much less time with the wonderful man who is my husband. So for now I will be content with where we are and just try and treasure the time that I do have with him, right here, right now. For the little time I have with him will only become more sparse in the upcoming future.
And to all of you 4th years (and spouses) - Congratulations on the big day - you have great things ahead of you!

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