Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So lately I have had a bad case of the "wants." I really want to own something, like a house, or a condo. And I want a new car. And I want a puppy. (We seriously almost bought one a few weeks ago). And I want new furniture that isn't a hand-me-down. And I want not to be poor. But most of all I want not to so greedy and selfish. And my thought is that I have these feelings because I don't think enough about all that I have. So in an attempt to reform and minimize my selfish and materialistic thoughts I am going to make an effort to notice all the things I do have. Because after all - you never realize all the wonderful things you have until they are gone. This idea was inspired by Katrina (another blogger married to a medical student). So this Thursday, I am thankful for:
  • The Lord, my Faith, and the strength He provides
  • My fabulously sweet and thoughtful and adorably handsome husband (and how funny it is that he thinks his jokes are actually funny)
  • My wonderfully supportive and loving family (immediate, extended, and in-laws)
  • My job which I actually enjoy going to everyday and even on weekends
  • My friends, near and far and from all stages of my life
  • My warm, dry, clean, safe apartment where we have our own laundry machines
  • My safe, gas efficient Toyota for which I don't owe any money

And although I could could continue to go on and on now that I've started, I think I will wrap it up with those handful.

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Melisa said...

Hello, Marissa! How are ya? 3rd year, huh. That is a fun time! Hubby finally gets to go out and experience medicine and see what he wants to do. But he doesn't have the stress of applications and matching. ;o)

The Mom of Monsters is just my personal blog. I try to keep the doc talk to a minimum on there. You are more than welcome to read it, but I don't know that it would give you a ton of insight above "my life is crazy". :o)

If you don't mind, go ahead and email me and we can further discuss the other blog. My email is linked in my profile. Thanks! I look forward to chatting with you!